dang. Woke up at 12 pass cz i slept at 2 yesterday doing nonsense... after woke up also didnt do anything terus online check mail.. play some games. Argh bored la... Miss my dear so much mUakz... dont bother to know who my dear is la, I wont tell one... lolz.. cheh nothing to blog about this days... later
hey you know what? someone actually found my IC. Thank God for that. Nyways sorry for not blogging lately, cz i don know what to write about also. Hmm. Sis gave me a nice bag which is white and gold in colour. Nice bag, i like it. can put lots of "rubbish" inside, hahaha. So now im browsing for a new phone and a new purse lo. So far none of the purse cought my eye yet but slowly, its not a rush anyway... Anyways bro's back for 2 weeks then going to Genting with his friends. Y mom dont let me go Youth Alive? hurpmmm... Mom said aft SPM only go lo... So now just have a relax for Raya lo... as for my muslim's friends, Selamat Hari Raya... Take care


Woke up early, no breakfast. Go to police station to get my report then head to JPN Kulim ( Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara ) w8 there like dunggu. DOne with my new IC... No need to pay fine. Back home for Lunch... Hav a nice day


Blogging, to me is just a place where i can express my feeling, not to say blog for the sake of blogging. Its all abt me, i don care wat ppl say abt it, meaningfull or meaningless. Im kinda unhappy because i got snatch by some useless ppl, i wonder why they wanna do that? cant the just work for the money? Yet they just get over with it and repeat the same mistake. Think we what? We work hard for the money also wat. I cant sleep at the moment, i just wanna express what im feeling right now. I cant do nothing much abt it also, all i can do it just to be thankful that im save from harm and danger. Even though im quite not in the mood. I wonder why i didnt throw the chair to them? guess im not that violent hahaha. Well at least im thinking on the bright side. Cant complain too much also. Thats life, we have to face it no matter whats. Ppl also change...
Sometimes i wonder why ppl are just so sellfish, asking for a favor isnt that hard right? Im just concern abt ppl around me. Just passing the msg isnt hard? you talk like you dont want to help only( what i feel la )..., haiz i don know la. If you dont want to help u can make excuses la, im sure if u tell me i will understand, dont debate with me, i dont like debating with ppl. If yes means yes, no means no... Whats wrong helping anyway? Im not talking bad about you guys, no offence. For me, if i can do it i will still do it. Im not self praising... But that is what i will do..


I was out at "Honey", suddenly my bag, haiz... so shock... i tot was my fren... So malang... Damn it la... Phone, Money, IC also gone... luckily money also less than RM50... Im happy that the theft was dumb enuf to take my bag... but im glad im ok... Thx God...


云儿飘进天空的胸怀 蔷薇在春风里朵朵开 风儿说着情话 我要如何不想他 鱼儿离不开这片大海 人儿还在等着他回来 燕子也有了家 我要如何不想他 望穿秋水风吹雨打 有心栽花它不发芽 莫等 夕阳西下点点残霞 只剩下 无尽的牵挂 鱼儿离不开这片大海 人儿还在等着他回来 月儿从不回答 我要如何不想他 我要~~~~如何~~~~不想他.

16th Sept

I cant believe wat i did today, i was doing my PD paper 2 and finish at 10am then me and my school frens walk out of the school, the secondary school guard don let us out say need wat permission bla bla bla. then we walk out from primary gate. lolz i was suppose to walk home but then i ask my fren to fetch me back, they all lazy to walk back to i use my motor, follow them here and there, lolz thats my 1st time alright. coz i got no licence yet so i don even dare to ride out also... end up hav to follow here and there and reach home at abt 11.30am... phew... was fun hahah... still crap at changing gear... cheh sure fail la my "L".

Aiya i feel so like goin to Prom, but sure no one ask me to go one... one of my wish was to go prom but since i tak dapat go then w8 lo... but i got no partner also la, hmm hav fun for whoever that is going...



My home-made dinner... Maggie Mee Goreng... lolz nothing to do so jz upload the ingredient...
Ingredient : Black Soya Sauce, Oyester Sauce, Kicap, Oil, Egg(1), Maggie Mee and the seasoning...
wasnt a good one today, few days ago one nicer... heheh

14 Sept

Today was Science paper 1 n 2, ok lo can do la. 5 more papers to go. Get to chat abit abt guys with Lim n Chen... Hmm y guys hav to pujuk gurls leh? hmm how i wish i got one...

i hav a fren, his name is *****, we chat alot. hav common interest. Yeah not bad over all. wonder if i get to meet him? ^^ , he doesnt really online but i want to know him more... kinda miss chatting with him. i wish i could talk to him when im sad... but we only get to chat online... well how i wish i could tell u i miss you.. but no matter wat happen pls do take care of yourself k. Will see u online when we online together again...

13th September

( that my mom carrying her outside the house)

hey since my baby cousin is born for almost 2 months yet she is so "chubi"... her name is yun... i call her yun yun... she looks juz like my aunty... my mom was carrying her so take the peluang to snap 1 pic hahah... cute cute cute

13th September

Was not really a good day after all.... So sad our beloved Uncle John left us... Went to their house yesterday and today for the final service so means no church for us today... went to bukit gantung... sing few songs... that atmosphere was so saddening, i don wan to cry bahh yet cannot tahan d everyone was like **snift** **snift**, praveena was like shouting "papa, come back, dont go" haiz sad for her leaving to Russia soon... haiz... after that Mrs Chan belanja makan... Vegetarian for lunch... argh, but jz eat la. after that went home...
reach home also so no mood d... wanna blow up...

Mom say don let me go Youth Alive... Im saving money for it d bah... but never mind i still can go after SPM... lolz talking abt SPM. 2 more weeks to go... 8 more papers... haiz... 2molo no paper so can rest la... Monday is Science... haiz... so many things i wanna do but seems like my time also all clashing one... whats the heck is that OMG darn...

Lolz i wanted to sleep juz now, was hopin that it rains but i was like inside a oven, even tho i hav 2 fans blowing towards me but i still feel so hot like what nia... then i woke up see see raining... sengaja wake me up ka? lolz... tot of eating the swiss roll dad bought yesterday, damn was finish by lit bro, no reserved? haiz

hmm one of my wish is to meet Chris right now... but always no time... wanted to chat wit him more but his working...lolz... from his character his ok la but real person i dont know lo... well The Lord has a Will... so i leave it to Him... no point rushing... we jz hav so much in comman... hope to bring him to church one day...

one thing there's a funeral service jz few house beside my house... argh tonight is the last night... die la...

p/s: my blog is jz to type out all my feelings only... so i jz type wat i wanna say...

8th Sept

Yo ppl, having percubaan soon? all the best na. i started mine on Sunday... aiya BM n BC essay bahagian 2 sucks la don really know how to do also... sad la... anyways i got nothing much to blog about this days... hmm... malas juga wanna blog... wait till some interesting event then i only blog la... all the best for SPM n PMR students... GBU

5th Sept

Hi ppl, b4 i start my blog today i wanna wish u all a blessed Sabbath in Advance... hmm alone at home whole day didnt do anything also... patutnya study but lazy la. sleep till puas only i woke up then normal routine... terus online, but so cacat one my computer. then lunch also didnt eat much la. took few slice of bread only. the whether was rather cooling so i go sleep again... fren kacau pulak ... too bad i no credit to kacau back... wat was in my mind? hmm save money to reload or save money for other use? yeah lo, im planin to go somewhere so i saving money for it also... life hav been juz rather miserable for me lately... no one to talk to( which i know i can talk to God)... at home also so quiet. wanna go out but not the right time... cant wait till i finish my papers... no licence so sabar saje la...

aiya u mention that got ppl like me but i don wan... hmm tha person like me but i don like that person wat can i do oh? paksa myself to like him meh? no wat kan? no use one... aiya u also taken d la say me some more... wat la u... i know im not as lucky like some ppl la... lolz

wat im w8ing for nw is miracle la... hahaha God's will... Lots of things coming in... i don know la... i leave it to God completely...

4 Sept

haha im blogging here again. I didnt go school today coz im lazy. haiz i realize things changing lately huh? dont u feel that? wat i do also its not a good thing hmm. didnt talk to him also kena pulak. if i didnt talk to u if there any wrong? Y u always hav to put him in that situation? don care wether u jokin or not but it doesnt work k. instead of jokin jadi la arguing. y everytime i talk to u also hav to argue? kan bagus if u jz keep quite like few weeks b4? aint that good? until today i still don understand wat u are thinking. i got my own thinking too. whether i let go or not its my problem, yet u always say i(me) this i that... will things be as normal as b4 if im gone? lolz u wan it that way? Easy... lolz... hmm im already also planin to leave soon also, but i wont inform you all. since u all didnt care whether im thre or not also, i feel that i go or not make no differents. but for sure after SPM im gone. where? not sure... since most of us also leaving soon. so i also leave la. since i dont belong there anyway... my time effort have been forgotten.

Lately meet some new frens too... happy with that... yet i still wan to get closer to some frens that i love. even tho sometimes he/she dont reply my sms but i always think of them... is that hard jz to reply one single sms? yeah some ppl say they lazy to reply. so no point i msg those who lazy to reply also. i think i need to choose a new way of living. im sick of most of wat im doing. damn. who cares if im lost? some ppl jz dont appreciat wat i do la, or 4give wat i did also. well its ok, don wan to 4give me then nvm la. as if i can die without your 4giveness. dont think u so great. im happy of wat i am now. im independent n i don need to depends on others. yet i dont like to depends on other also.

i hope to be a total change person after SPM+ NS... cant w8 for it to and end then im gonna be so damn free that i can keep my nails long, no need to worry abt my hair n wat i wear too, huahuahua... wah after SPM im gonna do this n that, too long to list... hmm patient is all i need now. 2 more months. yet percubaan is starting soon also... wat to do? study n do my best lo... wan a bright future too... as for love life? hmm step by step lo... think so easy meh? must be SDA some more... God knows la... Like someone also susah, ppl like also susah... rather flirt around 1st ahahaah yeah im that kind of person, rather get close than to be in a relationship... so if u interested in me, pls be a SDA or else i will jadikan u SDA hahaha no la Joking la.... jz be frenz lo. slowly no rush... get to know me 1st...

hmm kinda bored now alone at home, raining... don know wat to do also... study d...haiz
till my nex post...

Gua Tempurung

It was merdeka day when we go to IPOH Gua Tempurung... we went on the bus abt 8 plus? head count so on then we leave to Gua. the journey was rather normal cz pastor was in the bus yet not much youth, so when we reach there it was raining ... we didnt waste time and go straight into the Gua, wao i tell u the Gua was awesome. The water was chilling, marble as i said nice wei... we walk on water with our tourch light. up and down, go till so low, damn syiok... at a point we stop and off our light and guess wat, we cant even see a thing. then we walk walk walk. then we walk up to a place where we hav to slide down a slope which i was kinda scared of it but amazingly i did it huahuahua... then add in another lubang pulak... after that we went to the interesting part, wao the walks of the Gua was so kinda dirty hahah i kinda sign my name there hahah... the Gua was full of intersting pattern, there were patern such as sea horse, fish, old man's face, nice part was there a place where the chilling wind blow. we did saw a love shape too, too bad i don hav a camera if not i will really love to show it. up and down, here and there there were lots of lots of story abt it too. we even saw crystal too... hahahah well im not sure whether u can understand or not but all i can say is that it was a awesome trip and i love it but now pulak body aching hahah... till we meet again