wat im goin through now

I know its not easy to forgive someone who did a big mistake. but i don know y i always get the blame from the things i did... yeah right... i believe in people that tot im a looser that u go tell someone else wat i told u? wat are trust for? man hw hurting is that yeah u didnt get the blame huh? think wat? being close to him means wat huh? dream la... yeah yeah im a looser, i never shud hav been there at the 1st place, now i regret and i wanna get lost, i don wan to see them anymore, not all one everyone that i know, except some ppl that understands me... haiz some ppl jz so don know how to say la, they jz don know what they doing. yeah i did my mistake too but the thing is im stoping is already and u coming to bring up that stupid damn old fucking ass shit thingy... so fun is it? will u jz stop it? don act as if u so good. im really upset for quite sometimes d not bcz im alone but cz of my choice.. sometimes i wonder why God wan to do this to me? is that a test for me? yet ist not funny and i hate it. its going around again don u think? sometimes things are jz too personal tat i don wan to tell u thats y, so don even bother to ask me. watever i did im sorry la. my bad. but don worry... you all will jz w8 and see whats gonna happen next( lolz as if im goona do something bad like what? don know, lolz)
haiz, sucks la hate it damn fucking life... thats for now, new blogs soon
signing out